Hello! We are Ziggie & Naomi...

Ziggie (you may see him referred to as Scott sometimes) and I have been married for 7 years. We first met during a lunch at while he was going through his divorce. We would send each other little messages every now and then but didn’t see each other. Almost 3 years later, my parents were visiting a church and Scott was leading worship there. They invited him over for lunch and it just so happened that I went over to my parent’s house for lunch as well. We started talking and exchanged numbers. We started dating in April of 2011, engaged in November of 2011, and married May of 2012. When I married Scott, I became a bonus mom to 2, now teenage, girls.

We are both the oldest child in our families. He has a brother who plays in a band with Scott. They have a sister who went home to be with Jesus in May of 2011. Scott’s parents have been married for 48 years! I have a brother and a sister as well. My brother has 3 kids who stay with us often for overnight visits. My parents divorced when I was very young, and my mom remarried when I was 4. They have now been married for 30 years. My sister came along just after I turned 5. I was very blessed to have 2 dads who loved me and who eventually became friends. My first dad, along with my mom’s dad, went home to be with Jesus in April of 2015. We love spending time with our families. We have dinner with Scott’s parents almost every Sunday and we get together with my parents almost weekly as well. Our house has become the place for both of our families to celebrate holidays together. Our youngest daughter stays with us every other weekend and we see her each holiday. Our oldest daughter comes by to visit as her schedule allows.

We were married for a few months before we started trying to have children. After about a year of trying, I started researching ways to help with getting pregnant. We continued to try and pray about us getting pregnant, but I didn’t see a doctor for a few more years. Finally, I went to see a doctor and I did what he told me for several months. Eventually I was told he didn’t know why I wasn’t getting pregnant so he was going to send me to a specialist. Scott and I prayed about it, and we didn’t feel that going to a specialist and through all the tests was what we wanted or what God wanted. We felt God leading us to pursue adoption.