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Hello! We are Tyler & Jordan...

Years have passed, and in our hearts, we could hear the small, pitter-patter of footsteps across the old wooden planks of our porch. We could see all of our babies digging in the dirt, throwing rocks, and chasing our dog around the yard. We could see our table full with family, each chair occupied by chosen children specifically crafted for our family. But the unseen has led us through this beautiful adventure of adoption.

Our story begins about ten years ago in a small town in North Georgia. We met in our youth group as teens learning how to love God, love people, and love each other. After a few conversations, it didn’t take us long to realize we were meant to be together. We grew up together sharing our dreams, our passions, and our struggles and married each other at ages 19 and 23. From the moment we started talking about marriage, we knew we wanted to grow our family through children. About two years into our marriage, we began struggling through infertility. Surgeries, procedures, and medicines weren’t helping us fulfill our dream of starting a family. For years we prayed for answers and miracles.

Adoption fell heavy in our spirit, but we were scared. We were scared of carrying out such a divine plan of trust, purpose, and adventure. We were scared of not being the perfect parents and of disappointment yet again. After years of praying, our hearts were set on adoption. Our hearts have been on fire for the child God has had planned for us since the beginning of time. Our seven years of marriage have taken us through disappointments and triumphs, and Jesus has been so faithful to us through every step. We are excited to walk through this adventure together in growing our family through adoption. All that our eyes couldn’t see have let us to this moment. Our ‘unseen’ seemed like a bleak, unfulfilled future, like a well-hidden bandit, sneaking in to remind us of our inadequacies, our failures, and our unexpected end. The unseen has created space for our Creator to build us something wonderful. God has set apart our unseen for a miraculous adventure, for our wildest dream, and our expected end. What a joy it is to live for the unseen and to take part in this beautiful adventure through adoption. God is good and has crafted together our story and our family for a divine purpose.



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