Hi! We are Tim and Amy.

There is so much we would love to tell you, but for now we want to tell you just a little bit about us and why we chose adoption. We got married in 2015 and have been going strong from day one. Our marriage is such a gift and a blessing. Our home is so full of love, laughter, and fun and we look forward to expanding our family and sharing all of those things with a little one. We enjoy spending time together: doing puzzles and playing games, watching birds at our feeder, cooking together, spending time with our families, having devotional time together, and going on vacations….and everything in between. Also...did we mention we love to laugh together and have fun? :) We love life together and we look forward to sharing more about us. In order to tell you why we chose adoption, we need to share part of our story that started before we got married. I (Amy) have dealt with chronic illness since high school. Through the years and trials though, I have learned to manage and deal with the conditions and continue to live life happily. Tim and I are a great team and we are excited to continue our teamwork when we become parents. Due to my health conditions, I would most certainly be at high risk for complications throughout a pregnancy, if we are even able to get pregnant. We feel our best option is to begin our family through adoption. We trust God to lead as we wait on His timing. Currently, I am a stay at home wife and homemaker and am looking forward to putting my time and energy into a little one. Lastly, we respect you, as well as your story and your journey. If you choose adoption for your baby, and if you choose us, know that we will always strive to respect and honor you. And if you do make that choice and choose us, please also know that we promise to love your baby forever and always. We pray for all of you and wish the very best for you, regardless of whether your story joins ours. With Love, Amy & Tim