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What started as a friendship in 2011…

We met at a euchre party of Christian singles at a friend’s house. This group of Christian singles continued to meet up for dinner, bowling, bonfires, and more. We saw each other at these outings and became friends along the way.

After a year had passed, we started to get together in smaller groups and got to know each other even better. We started meeting for bicycle rides, just the two of us. We would meet, go for long bicycle rides, stop for dinner and in the process, we had lots of conversations and continued to learn more about each other.  We dated as friends for several months.

Steve had been interested in Brandi from the very beginning but was patient and pursued her slowly. Brandi knew this was the man that she had been waiting for God to provide for so long.

We officially dated for less than 5 months before we made a promise to God and each other to love one another for the rest of our lives.

We have now been married for over 6 years. In our first year of marriage, we got pregnant and soon after, we lost our baby due to a miscarriage. In the next year, we tried to get pregnant again but weren’t able to. We started praying about adopting and it was at that time that we started down the adoption road. God had placed adoption on Brandi’s heart many years before Steve and Brandi met. We also found out that Brandi had infertility and would likely only get pregnant with some aggressive fertility treatments. Our heart was already preparing for adoption and we didn’t feel that fertility treatments were the road that God was leading us down.

In 2015, we adopted our son at birth! He is now three years old and we love every minute with him! Steve has been with the same company for many years and works in technology. He is highly valued in his position and we feel truly blessed. After Alex was born, Brandi resigned from her elementary teaching position to stay at home with him. She loves using all of the knowledge she learned during her many years of teaching with Alex and can’t wait to teach our future child as well!

In 2017, God placed adoption on our hearts again. We continually pray for God’s will in this journey and look forward to growing our family again through adoption!



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