Hello! We are Scott & Amy...

Scott and I have been married for 11 years as of this month.  We live on the outskirts of Chicago, in a small residential neighborhood with our 4 year old daughter and two dogs.  Scott is a firefighter and I am a stay at home mom, Artist, and volunteer for a local dog rescue. We love to spend time outdoors, gardening, bike riding, and anything else fun that comes along!   When we were first married, we chose to travel and build our careers, while planning a family down the line. When we decided to start our family, things didn’t go as planned. As we considered our options, we looked in to adoption, it was definitely a calling on our hearts.  At the time we decided we would try infertility treatment first, and became pregnant through In-vitro. Our daughter was born in 2014 and has been the light of our lives. We love being parents, and watching our daughter grow and change. We want to add to our family and decided to go back to the specialist.   Unfortunately the treatments didn’t work for us. Scott and I spent quite a bit of time working through the loss we felt, and came back to that calling of adoption that God placed on our hearts. We experienced so many signs that this was the path we were meant to be on, and started the process. We are very hopeful and excited to build our family through adoption.  Though our daughter is only 4, she is as involved in the process as she can be…she is very very excited to be a big sister. She cannot wait to help care for a baby brother or sister and talks about it daily. We are so glad to take this journey with the support system of our large family and friends surrounding us.