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Hello! We are Ryan & Lindsay...

Ryan and I met in middle school when his family moved to the area and we became fast friends. We even went to our 8th grade formal together! We remained friends throughout high school and college, and over the years our friendship became stronger and eventually turned into more after our college days. After dating for a few years, we got married in 2011 and settled down close to the same area that we grew up in. We love being surrounded by family and friends. We both feel that because our relationship is based upon a very long and very strong friendship, we have something incredibly special and unique, and our love is definitely the foundation of our home and family.

The thought of opening our home and offering our love to a child has always made our hearts happy. We talked about adoption early in our marriage and thought someday it could possibly be part of our journey. In 2014 we were blessed with our sweet son, Austin, who has brought us a tremendous amount of joy. After having Austin we knew we wanted at least one more child; however we struggled with a long road of infertility issues and were finally told that any future pregnancies would be very high risk. Although it was very difficult to hear, we accepted the information given to us and found ourselves doing a lot of thinking and praying about our next steps. After much thought and prayer, we both decided in our hearts and minds that it was the perfect time to begin our adoption journey and continue to grow our family. We feel blessed to be where we are and we’re very excited about this journey. We truly believe there is a child out there that will need the loving home we have to offer.



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