Jeffrey + Stacy


Hi! We are Codie and Lauren.

Codie and I met in the summer of 2011, and started dating shortly there after.  Our first date was at a local drive-in near our hometown, and that has become a summer tradition for us ever since. We dated for four years before marrying in September of 2015. Codie and I both love the outdoors, and you will often find us dreaming of our next camping adventure. On the weekends, you will usually find us hanging out with friends, grabbing a cup of coffee, and hosting game nights. Codie enjoys time working out in the yard and on the golf course, while Lauren can usually be found in the kitchen whipping up her next best recipe and scrapbooking. We both love our daily walks throughout the week with one another. 

Adoption is something we have been very familiar with for almost our entire lives; Codie is adopted, and Lauren has three adopted cousins from China as well. We always knew that we would incorporate adoption into our lives; we just didn’t know exactly what that would look like. When we were married Lauren and I had discussed what our future would hold and we knew we wanted to have two natural born children and then complete our family by adopting two more children. However, certain circumstances have kept us from having that on our own. God had other plans in mind and adoption is the route He has led us to first and we are so ready to pursue that calling. We realized this calling on our lives on what is known in many Churches as Sanctity of Life Sunday; there was a speaker there and after the service both Lauren and I knew what we were to do, adopt. We were obedient and patient in the waiting on God’s perfect timing to pursue adoption. Codie and I long to become parents, and want nothing more than to bring our first child into our home and shower them with unconditional love. We have relinquished control and have put our complete trust in The Lord, and we know He will bless us with our first child in His perfect timing, and we can’t wait for that joyous day!