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We’re Erin & Matt & we are grateful that you are taking the time to learn more about us!...

We have been married since 2005 and we are so excited to grow our family. We always knew in our hearts that we were going to have a family & we have always wanted to provide a child with the love & nurturing they need, we just never really knew exactly how our family would come to be.  After several years of struggles to get pregnant we decided to start our adoption journey. We’ve had a lot of life experiences, have created a very stable & loving home, and really look forward to sharing that with our children.

We live a very active lifestyle, love to travel, & live in a diverse & down-to-earth city in an established neighborhood. Our neighborhood is full of families & children of all ages & we have playgrounds & parks nearby.

We both have spent many years establishing our own businesses (Matt is a personal running coach & Erin owns a bridal boutique) so we now have the flexibility to be very present in our children’s lives.  

Matt loves to run (he also coaches high school cross country & track), loves music & going to concerts, & enjoys watching ALL sports! Erin also loves to run & other outdoor activities, enjoys cooking, spending time with family & friends, & reading.  

We have 4 nephews & 6 nieces who we can’t get enough of! We love spending as much time as possible with them goofing around & spoiling them!  We are close with our immediate family and spend a lot of time together. Erin’s family travels together often – from spending a week in the mountains of Colorado in the summer, to cross country ski trips in northern Wisconsin in the Winter, and little weekend getaways here & there. Matt’s family enjoys the outdoors & Matt spends a lot of time with his dad hunting.  

Together we can’t wait to start this next chapter, share experiences with our child, & to help them learn, grow & find their passions in life. We have so much love to give along with a strong group of family & friends that will provide even more support & love. We are so excited to bring our child home & provide them with the love & nurturing they need & deserve.



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