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We are Mario & Renata…

We have been married for over 17 years. We met through a mutual friend, however I was in Rio de Janeiro/ Brazil while Mario was here in California/ USA—and we did not have Facebook back then! We talked with each other through emails and phone calls for 5 months and I finally went to California to meet Mario. Five months later we were married and we have not looked back since then. There’s no denying that we were meant to be.

Mario has wanted to adopt since he was a kid in school, and I always had the same feeling. We found out that we could not have kids naturally, but I still wanted to experience carrying a child even if it meant through IVF. I did a lot of research, and we decided to do IVF in the Czech Republic rather than in Atlanta, where we lived at the time. So we made two trips out to the Czech Republic . Both times it worked, but we lost the pregnancies around 6-7 weeks. Mario wasn’t very fond of IVF because he had such a strong desire to adopt versus creating a biological child through IVF. But he also didn’t want me to be older in life and have regrets that we didn’t at least try. So he supported IVF fully. We were extremely sad that we could not experience pregnancy but we realized that God had other plans for us.  We are excited and happy to pursue adoption at this time, and we know that God knows what He was doing the whole time.



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