Hi there! We are Kyle & Emily...

And we so excited to grow our family through adoption!

We met on the same day that Kyle moved into his freshman dorm.  We both played saxophone in the university’s band and bonded over similar interests and mutual friends.  We started dating about 4 months later and, a year after Kyle’s romantic proposal behind a waterfall in Washington, we got married at a beautiful little inn in the Texas hill country.  

Adoption has been on our hearts for a long time.  While still dating, Emily casually mentioned the idea to Kyle, and to her surprise, he was immediately on board.  Over the years it was often still part of our conversations. We both knew, though, that we also desired to have a biological child and, assuming that would be an easier path, we decided to start there.

Unfortunately, our first 2 children died during pregnancy.  We were completely devastated. Grieving the loss of our babies was the hardest thing we ever had to do.  We will always hate that that pain is a part of our story, but over time we have learned to appreciate our grief because we strongly believe that God used it to grow us in many necessary ways.  Our heavenly children will always be an honored and celebrated part of our family and our love for them gives us a more heavenly focus than ever before.

Several years after beginning to try and grow our family, we were blessed with our earthly daughter, Blakely.  Her beginnings in this world were anything but normal; we almost lost her as well. God was gracious, though, by sparing her life and we are so, so thankful.  Today she is a happy, hilarious, and healthy 3 year old who can’t wait to be a big sister and fills our lives with one joy-filled day after another!

After the dust settled, we knew that we were being led to follow through with our adoption hopes for the continued growth of our family.  We are so looking forward to expanding our family in this way! We are waiting with open arms and open hearts for God’s perfect plan to be enacted.  We are waiting with open arms for both the precious child who we will have the honor of raising and his or her first family.