Hi! We are Josh and Blakeley.

We are from a small, rural town in Tennessee. After being introduced by a mutual friend, Josh and I hit it off and became inseparable. We married in November 2011. Soon after we married, we suffered two unexplained, devastating miscarriages. While we only were able to love our babies in utero, we loved them dearly. Soon after losing our babies, Blakeley was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and MTHFR, a blood clotting disorder. Despite these disheartening diagnoses, we continued desperately praying and trying to conceive for several years. Discouraged after years of trying, we finally saved enough money to begin consultations and expensive treatments like IUI with a fertility specialist. Multiple types of treatments and medications were all to no avail. We always had discussed adopting, but intended to do so later in life after having biological children. Our reproductive endocrinologist suggested we take some time off from treatments and decide if we’d like to pursue IVF. For another three years, we waited and prayed and wished. Ultimately, we felt called to grow our family through adoption. We were blessed with our daughter, Delaney, in 2017. She is the light of our lives and we cannot wait to expand our family with a new addition and give her the baby brother or sister she (and we!) long for. We are waiting with open arms and open hearts.