Hello! We are Jose & Bailey...

A little about how we came together. We met in high school while Jose was at football camp and quickly connected. We started dating shortly after and have been together since. We have been lucky enough to grow together and walk with each other through difficult times. We believe our adoption journey started from the time we met. After a difficult pregnancy, we had our daughter Sofie in April 2016. After a complicated labor and delivery she had to be life flighted to a larger hospital just after birth. After barely surviving her first few hours she came home to us healthy, but on oxygen. After her birth, we decided to move home to where family was. We have always talked about the possibility of adoption and after almost losing Bailey and Sofie we started the conversation again. Another pregnancy and delivery would not only be difficult, but dangerous to both Bailey and the baby. So we decided adoption was the direction we were meant to take. In the past three years, we have worked to become the best parents we can be. We have so much love to give and such a neat and unique family! We feel adoption is exactly what the past 11 years together has led us to.