Hi, we are Jon & Jen...

Our story began at a baseball game.  We first saw each other across a crowded parking lot, and there was an immediate sense that God was saying, “You need to know one another.” There was no way we could have imagined in that moment the great adventure he had in store for us. Not long after that we started dating, and somehow here we are, almost 20 years later, having spent more of our years together than apart.

About four years into our relationship, we faced one of the biggest challenges of our life. Jon was diagnosed with Leukemia. We know now that God used this time to shape us and solidify us. Through that pain, he created in us an unwavering bond. By his grace, Jon was cured and has been able to lead a completely normal life. This period is now 15 years in our past, and feels like a different lifetime, but we will forever be grateful for the foundation that it set for our life together.

We were married in 2007 and started making plans for a family. It wasn’t long before we realized that we would need help to make this dream a reality. After several years of fertility treatments, we welcomed our son, Isaac, in 2012.  He has brought a light and love into our life that we didn’t know was possible. Being parents is our absolute favorite!

We returned to our fertility doctor in hopes of adding to our family. During that time, God started whispering adoption into our hearts, but we continued with treatments. After several tries, and some devastating losses, we took some time off. This is when God really started making it clear that he had chosen us to adopt. We finally accepted this calling on a cold December morning, and a tremendous peace came over us. There was no doubt this was our path forward toward growing our family.

God’s plans are always better than our plans. We have been abundantly blessed, and we know that is so we can be a blessing to others.  We are excited to see what the next chapter holds!