We are Johnny & Christie. ...

We met in 2011 while working together during a summer break from college. We were two people, from two different states, going to two different universities who were placed together on one of eight teams. After spending that summer traveling state-to-state hosting camp for elementary-aged students, we walked away knowing that God had big things planned for us, together. Throughout that next year of dating long distance, we took time on our weekends to visit each other. At the end of our first year together we were engaged and planned for forever. We finished our last semesters of school, moved to the same town, and days later were married! Just over two years before our wedding, we were complete strangers whose paths would have never crossed outside the hand of God.

Here we are 5 years later, still growing towards our forever. We’ve hoped and we've prayed and our prayer now is for children! Our first years of marriage have been exciting and adventure-filled. These are years we will never forget, but now we look on to our next 5 years. In those years we see kids running around the house making a mess and creating new memories. Adoption wasn’t something that we knew we personally wanted when we were young, but sensed that adoption would somehow be rooted in our life. Again, God appeared in our life with new friends, new conversations, and a new path. He has provided for us and has assured us with each step that we have taken. God is calling us now to grow our family, outside of natural measures. Not only are we being obedient to Him, we are also following the longing in our hearts to be mom and dad.

As marriage is bringing together two families, we see adoption as the same. We are so excited (and can we be honest and say a little nervous?!) to meet our first child and to meet you. We are choosing to surrender our fears in hopes to be chosen out of love.