We’re proof that a blind date works!

Several mutual friends were convinced that we would be perfect for each other, and they worked hard to introduce us.  At first, it looked like we were destined to miss each other, but our friends persisted. We finally met for a wonderful dinner, and we have been together ever since! We just celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary in December. In 2015, we were blessed with our first child, Quinn, and our world has never been the same!

From the very beginning of our relationship, we have known we wanted more than one child. After we had our daughter, we felt it was time to open the door to pursuing adoption. We have both been touched by adoption in different ways, and we have always felt called to pursue it. Adoption isn’t part of our story because we struggled to get pregnant. We want to adopt because we believe that the Lord placed a call in our hearts to grow our family through adoption.

Joel and I know that adoption isn’t an easy road but we are excited to see where the Lord leads us and how He uses it to grow our family!