Hi! We are Jesse and Karla.

Through the brokenness of infertility God has taken us on an incredible journey. We had no idea what we were getting into 5 years ago when we began our first adoption journey but God was at work to sanctify us and work in our hearts and lives in amazing ways! God used our first adoption of our daughter Wren to open our eyes to a world we had been so protected from. A world where brokenness and pain existed a lot more than we could have ever imagined.

Through our daughters adoption God sparked a passion within us to love on teens and young adults in difficult situations.  We moved from central Illinois to Fort Wayne Indiana after adopting our daughter to work with teens from hard places at Gateway Woods Family Services. When we felt it was time to grow our family again we began to pray about another infant adoption. God showed us His plan for our family and instead of doing infant adoption we welcomed a little 18month old boy into our family through foster care. The next year and half was full of ups and downs and God stretched us farther than we desired at times. We are so thankful to have been able to finalize our son Nile’s adoption on November 15th 2018!

In the fall of 2018 we were considering a job opportunity that would require me (Karla) to work full time and Jesse to be at home with the kids. Through prayerfully considering this option and how it would affect our family and our future we felt God was showing us that building our family was to be our priority right now which meant I would not pursue the job. After feeling a peace about adoption yet again and a desire to love another child we plunged head first into the adoption process.

As always, the process has been and is full of anxieties, fears, doubts, excitement, hope and a lot of trust that God has a plan for our family! We feel so incredibly blessed to be a part of something so raw and real as adoption. We are excited and somewhat apprehensive to get to grow through another adoption, love on another woman making one of the hardest decisions in her life, and ultimately get to see God glorified through the journey.