Hello! We are Jeremy & Avery...

Jeremy and I met in 2011 through mutual friends. Not long after meeting, we began dating. Our relationship gradually grew over time and we began to talk about our future plans. When the discussion about having kids came up, we both discussed adoption as being a shared dream of ours. Jeremy’s mother was adopted as an infant, and so were his two beautiful first cousins so he is very familiar with adoption and grew up with it. I, Avery, knew several families who adopted growing up and always loved the ideal of it. We talked about how we would love to adopt “at least one child”, but probably after we had a couple of biological children first.

Flash forward to January of 2015, we got married at our home church and all of the sudden we were a family of two. We were so excited to start adding little ones to our family, we began “trying” to conceive six months into marriage. To make a very long story short - countless doctors visits, tests and consultations revealed that both Jeremy and I have fertility issues and the combination of the two make it very hard to conceive. We were heartbroken. We took several months to let this sink in and think about our next step: IVF or adoption. We talked about it, thought about it and prayed about it a ton. Finally, we were sitting on the couch one night when I looked over at Jeremy and said “I want to adopt”, and he looked at me and said “Me too.” That’s where our adoption journey began!

We have spent this time preparing our hearts to adopt by learning as much as we can about healthy, open adoptions and praying a ton. We truly believe adopting our first child has been God’s plan from the very beginning. We would go through all of the same heartache again to be right where we are now in this season. We are praying for our child and our child’s first family every single day. We are so looking forward to seeing God’s plan play out for us.