Hello! We are Jeremy & Avery...

Hi! We are Jeremy and Avery…

Jeremy and I met in 2011 through social media. Jeremy added me on Facebook, and then I messaged him and once we began talking the rest fell into place. After dating four years, we said our “I do’s” on a cold January day in 2015. We had no idea of the road that lay ahead of us but we knew with God and our love for one another, we could endure whatever came our way.

When we began attempting to build our family, we never imagined exactly how hard and difficult it would be and we weren’t prepared for it. We tried for several years and saw many doctors and underwent several tests. We found out that we both independently have fertility issues and the combination of our issues make becoming pregnant very unlikely. After this, we took a few months to simply live and think about our next step. During this time, we felt in our hearts we were meant to be parents and still meant to grow our family. After much discussion, thought and prayer – we chose to pursue adoption and haven’t looked back since.

Before you read about our lives through our book, we want to thank you for taking the time to do so. We also want you to know that you are prayed over and for every day. We pray above all that during this season you’re walking through – you feel God’s love and that He shows you His love in unexpected ways. We hope we have the opportunity to get to know you and walk alongside you.