Hi Ya’ll! We are the Millers...

The moment we met, we knew there was something magical between us.  Amy is from North Carolina but grew up in Virginia and James moved from South Carolina to Virginia several years ago.  We discussed wanting a family on our first date. During this conversation we discovered that we both were interested in pursuing adoption.  

James works in the business world where he has the opportunity to travel the world on occasions.  He enjoys activities such as kayaking, golf, and home improvement projects. Amy is a public school teacher that navigates the awkward middle school years with her “kids”.  In her free time, she loves to bake and decorate fancy cakes, as well as, work on crafty projects for our home or to give as gifts. Taking adventures to new places or restaurants is one of our favorite activities together.  We love our town’s location because it enables us opportunities to take day trips to the beach, mountains or even our nation’s capital.

Our entire lives, we knew we were meant to be parents.  We had to be patient to find one another and begin our journey as a family.  We are surrounded by loving family and friends that continue to be beyond supportive through our adoption adventure.  We are blessed with a wonderful church family that includes a small group filled with loving families that continue to encourage and push us to grow closer to God daily.  

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to grow our family through adoption.  Our daily prayers already include the expectant family throughout this journey.  We look forward to connecting with you and what the future will bring.