Hi! We are Greg and Abbie.

We feel called to adoption. Throughout this whole process we have felt the gentle hand of God leading us to this place as though we are a piece of something larger than our own desires for a third child. We know and understand that our joy in completing our family is very heavily balanced by your grief in having to make this choice. Our hope is that the good that can come from this impossible situation can be bigger than all of us. 

When we got married, we knew that our ideal family would be one formed both through biological children and through adoption. We pursued biological children first and had our two beautiful daughters, Kendall and Felicity. What joyful additions they have been to our family.  They are full of personality and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  

After almost 10 years of marriage, we are ready to continue growing our family. After much discussion, thought, and prayer, we believe that adoption is the right path for growing our family. It is something that has been on both of our hearts and we are excited to see what lies ahead.