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When Eric and I were just dating, we discussed how we wanted a big family and how we just knew adoption was going to be a part of our story one day.

We met, fell in love, and became married all within 6 months! The love bond was and still is so strong between the two of us. Our love for each other and our mutual love for the Lord has seen us through some very difficult times.

We were excited to become parents and began trying for a family after 6 months of being married and went down a painful and long road to finally become pregnant with our miracle, Makenna. Makenna is a bubbly 4 year old who loves the idea of being a big sister. There are no words to even adequately describe how wonderful she is and how much she has changed our life! When she was 6 months, we began trying for another child because of how much trouble we had the first time we tried to get pregnant. After 4 years of trying to grow our family again, multiple losses, and many painful moments, we knew we couldn’t deny what God had been placing on our hearts for months upon months: that our second child was not meant to be biological. It took a little time to come to terms with this calling and get a firm grasp as to what God was asking of us. But after a season of being foster parents, going through the adoption education process, learning from other adoptive families, and truly leaning into the Lord and His desires for us, we couldn’t be more blessed, more honored, and more humbled to be on this journey of adoption. Gods plans truly are greater than ours and we look forward to seeing this journey unfold!



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