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Our journey to become parents and our first 3 years of parenthood have been nothing less than an adventure!

I (Bethany) grew up in a big family as the oldest of 5 children and held just about every job possible working with kids, from a nanny to a summer camp counselor to a teacher (which I did for more than a decade!). God placed on my heart at a young age the desire to adopt. I specifically remember in 4th grade finding any books I could read or any movies I could watch that had characters that were adopted, in foster care, etc. The desire grew even stronger in college as I learned more about adoption and got to know friends and family who were adopted themselves or were foster or adoptive parents. My desire to be a mom was so strong (sometimes so strong that I was motherly with my friends, ha), that I knew one day, in God’s timing I would hear children call me Mama.

In 2011, through an online dating site, Drew and I met and fell in love while both living and working in Southern California. One of our first conversations was about our mutual desire to be parents, and shortly after getting married in 2012, we began that journey. Neither of us knew the long road ahead of us at that time. Thankfully, God writes the best stories and His plan was better than we could imagine. We suffered through painful years of unexplained infertility and during that time made a big move from California to Houston, Texas where Drew went back to college to change careers to become a registered nurse. This time God placed adoption on Drew’s heart and he brought it up to me after some failed fertility treatments. We realized that our desire to be parents far outweighed any desire to have biological children, so we intentionally did not pursue IVF, and instead, started the process to become foster parents with hopes to one day adopt.

Around the time of our 4th wedding anniversary, we welcomed our first child into our home, a beautiful baby girl with big brown eyes. Almost two years later, that little girl would officially become our daughter. These years of parenthood have been the best years of our lives. During that time, our daughter’s first mommy and several members of her biological family, became extended family to us. We share a special relationship and a wonderful open adoption that we hope to share with our next child’s family. Our daughter, Selah, is now 3 years old and is constantly talking about her future baby sister or brother. She can’t wait to be a big sister! We both know how important sibling relationships are and we can’t imagine life without our siblings. We want Selah to have a sibling she grows up with, especially a sibling who is adopted like her. We hope they will become best friends and always have one another to lean on throughout life’s ups and downs. Thank you for joining us on this journey!