We recognize that this is a difficult decision for you and we cannot imagine what has led you to our page.

Thank you for your interest in our family! It is an honor that you are taking the time to consider allowing us the opportunity to walk with you on this journey.

We first met in middle school at a choral concert, we caught eyes, and both thought that would be the last time we would see each other. Little did we know, it would not be, as we sat in front of each other in the concert and began to talk and eventually exchanged phone numbers. After exchanging numbers, we talked a few times, but both had busy lives and lost touch. Fast forward five years when I, Dion, was working at the local YMCA and volunteering as a head basketball coach. It was on a Saturday when my basketball team was playing the team that Sunshyne’s brother coached. Sunshyne walked into the gym and for me, she walked in slow motion because it seemed that time came to a temporary halt. I can still remember the visual of her hair flowing in the wind as she walked. The next week we had our first conversation as adults and we have talked every day for twenty-one years since then. We started dating and knew that we were destined to be together. After dating for four years, we were engaged and married.

Sunshyne has always had a desire to have a large family. We both love people and love spending time with family and our twelve nieces and nephews. Unfortunately, we have not been able to share our love and life’s adventures with biological children as we always dreamed. After enduring our last of many miscarriages in February of 2018, God placed it on our hearts to pursue adoption. We remain strong in our faith and trust His plan for our lives and we are super excited about this next step. We love doing outdoor activities and we frequent the beaches of South Carolina, mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee, and thoroughly enjoy Charleston, South Carolina. We also enjoy attending the Carolina Panthers football games, Charlotte Hornets basketball games, and Charlotte Knights baseball games. We often dream of how our lives would be if we had a child or children to share our activities with and add to our many memories.

We have a large family who are all excited about this journey and are ready to embrace and love a new baby. We have frequent family gatherings where we eat, play games and in the summer these games often turn into water gun games, water fights, corn hole, and basketball games. We are a family of believers in God and are active in our family church. Professionally, we have both worked in our respective industries for over 15 years.



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