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We are excited and grateful that you are considering us as potential parents to, and family for, your wonderful child....

 We can only imagine how you might be feeling at this time, deciding what is best for you and your little one. Please know that we are praying that God’s amazing strength, comfort and peace will be yours.

From the bottom of our hearts, we admire you for the courage and selflessness it takes to make the decision to make an adoption plan for your child.  You must wonder what kind of life your child will have and whether he or she will receive all the love, care, attention and guidance you want for him or her.  You have our word that, in our home, your baby will always have love, structure, support, education and encouragement. Your little one will ALWAYS belong.

As a couple and a family we love to get out, travel, and try new things.  However, we also treasure our time spent at home together. Home is our refuge from the rest of the world, it is comfortable and peaceful and a place that is uniquely ours.  Our home life and family interactions flow from the biblical principles we embrace. Our love for one another and our family values of respect, forgiveness, humility and kindness flow from our relationships with God.  We seek to build a family life that is filled with fun, laughter, shared experiences and togetherness. As parents, we hope (and work hard) to raise confident, self-assured children who love God and are equipped to make a difference in this world.

We both fully believe that children are a gift from God and we take seriously the responsibility to be parents who offer love, structure and thoughtful discipline.  We are certainly not perfect people, nor are we a perfect family, but we’re a real, warm, fun-loving, have-one-another’s backs family and we would be honored beyond words to welcome your precious little one into our lives and to call him or her our own.  And, to the degree it makes sense for you, we would consider ourselves privileged to call you a member of our extended family. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us, we wish you the absolute best, whatever your decision.

With Love,
David + Christine



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