Hello! We are Damon & Aimee…

In 17 years of marriage, Aimee and I have gone through ups and downs of trying to start a family. Like most newlyweds, we thought when ready we would be able to go through the process of trying to conceive only to learn what a struggle it would become. Early on in our relationship and dealing with the struggles we looked into fertility only to be turned off by not only the cost but also the attitude of agencies we spoke with and the “business” feel to wanting to start a family. We chose to take time to consider all our options when in 2010 after being told we would have less than a 9% chance of ever being able to start a family naturally we had a “miracle” pregnancy. We were at first shocked which then turned to pure joy and excitement then panic. We were going to start our family, it was amazing. Well as life oftentimes happens, 11 weeks later while I was away on a business trip Aimee called me in tears to notify me that something terrible had happened and we were not going to be parents. This was something that affected us greatly for a few years because we didn’t know how to talk about it. We decided to take time away from discussing starting a family which led us to deciding at one point maybe we will simply grow old together and be there for our nieces and nephews and our friends children. During this time my career started to advance rapidly and Aimee wanted to support my career and she always said that it was my time to shine and for people to see so it made putting on hold the idea of starting a family easier. We made this decision without really knowing why, outside of it being too painful to discuss the alternatives, it became easy to avoid. It went this way until 2016 when we both had this strong feeling that our story of a family was not over. We decided to start talking about it one day which  led us to some hard conversations, a lot of prayer and deciding to go to couples therapy to better understand why. Being of strong if not tested faith we knew God was leading us. What we didn’t know was how and why. As we now know we were being led to get closure so we could start the next phase of our life. We decided to look into fertility with the understanding that there would be struggles but we felt we were in a better position to make the attempt and just knew this was what we were supposed to do. The end of 2016 into early 2018 we started and worked with fertility only to be left with heartache, anger, confusion and shame. Our faith was yet again tested but this time we refused to give in to our emotions and as hard as this was we knew we were going to be parents and this was a minor setback.

This is when our adoption story begins. Now before we get into what happened next I feel it is important to understand Aimee and I. While I fell in love with Aimee the day I met her Aimee took a few months to fall in love with me and said for her it was Valentines day but she just knew. Our relationship has been filled with love and kindness even when dealing with heartache. We have always tried to be that couple to lead by example and never shy away from showing how we feel about each other. We are each other's support system in everything we do whether it be out with friends, at church, on a golf course, at a business event, or in spending time with family. We try to share good fortunes with those around us and live a mostly transparent life. We are Team E  and not because it is a cute nickname ( I mean it probably is but….) because we are a team in life, faith, leadership, support, etc. and someday a family. This is how we live our lives.

Our adoption story began with cooking one of our tasty Tuesday dinners. Yes we have a theme for cooking. The month prior we made our last attempt with our fertility doctors and after getting the unsuccessful news followed by options for an aggressive but not overly optimistic surgery. The decision was clear in our minds and hearts that Tuesday evening  that Adoption was going to become a part of our life. We discussed the option of surgery and what seemed to be at the same time we both said we wanted to adopt. And I mean we had a passionate discussion about how this is what we were meant to do and God has led us to this day and all we have gone through was strengthening us to become the best people and parents we could be. We knew it with every ounce of our hearts. Through gathering information and talking through a friend of a friend we found Quiver Full Adoptions agency, So thankful for that. We knew we had found the right place with the first communication. We had visited and talked to other agencies but none of them felt right or gave us the emotion of hope. This process hasn’t always been easy but “patience” isn’t always an easy feeling to work with and all this is on God’s time not our own. We have learned that this is not entirely our story but a shared story and one we are looking forward to sharing and supporting being shared.

This journey has brought us to today where we are more than ready and prepared to be the best parents we were created to be. We feel incredibly blessed to be in the position we are now in.