We are Cullen and Danelle. We are so excited you’ve stopped by our page. We hope that wherever you happen to be in your adoption journey that you feel at peace, and that peace only continues to grow with each passing day. 

A little about our story…

Way back in 2010, we were only strangers struggling to find “the one” as blind date after blind date seemed to be heading nowhere fast, so the both of us decided to try out online dating. One day, Cullen was browsing the dating website and came across Danelle’s profile. It wasn’t long before he was smitten by her smile and what she wrote about herself. With a perfectly crafted message sent, all Cullen had to do was wait for her response, but sadly no response came. Taking the hint, Cullen moved on. Several weeks later one of Cullen’s friends randomly asked if he was seeing anyone, to which he replied, “unfortunately, no.” The friend proceeded to tell Cullen of a lady friend who he thought would be the perfect match. Eager to meet her, Cullen enthusiastically agreed. 

After a couple of days passed, Cullen’s friend shared some photos of the lady friend through Facebook. Cullen thought there was something oddly familiar about the girl when finally it hit him… it was the same girl from the dating site! Turned out that Danelle had forgotten that she had joined the dating site, so she never did receive the message. But after our mutual friend had made the introduction we soon met for the first time and hit it off! 

In 2013 we married, and soon after began our journey of building our family. Adoption had been a strong desire for us from the start, so after several years of infertility we’ve chosen to begin our adoption journey, and if we become pregnant, then that’s great – and if we don’t, then that’s okay, too! Either way we have a strong desire to adopt and begin raising a family, but until then we view this chapter of our lives as an opportunity to not waste the waiting by growing in our love for and commitment to each other, as we feel this is one of the greatest gifts we can offer a child.

We are so grateful that you’ve taken a moment to get to know us. We want you to know that even though we’ve yet to meet you, we are very excited to meet you, and have been praying for you –that God would comfort you and provide for you daily. Please take a look through our profile book to learn more about us.

We hope to meet you soon!