Cory + Stacey

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Hi! We are Cory + Stacey.

We always knew we wanted children and talked about our life with little ones running around.  We started trying to conceive after getting married in 2015. It wasn't long after we began trying that we realized this was not going to be an easy path.  Sitting in an office with the doctor listing all of our diagnoses was daunting. Cory and I both had our own separate issues but the largest was my ovaries were damaged after going through chemotherapy as a child.  We did take on the challenge and we went through the medications, blood work, surgery, and finally IUI and IVF treatments. After a failed IVF in April of 2018 we decided enough was enough. We took time to heal and come to terms that we would most likely never have a biological child.  As time went on, adoption started creeping into our hearts. We started seeing that God had an entirely different plan for us. Before long, we decided it doesn't matter how we have a family, we just wanted one. After all, love is love and so our adoption journey began.



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