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Hello! We are Chris & Amy...

Hi, we are Chris, Amy and Max! We live in South Carolina surrounded by all of our family.  Chris and I originally met through mutual friends about eight years before reconnecting as adults. Thirteen years ago we went on an atv trip with friends in the mountains of Tennessee. We started dating shortly after that trip and have been together ever since. Our beautiful life together has been built with love, respect and hard work. Chris and I built a restaurant from the ground up, that is now in its tenth year of business. We love taking trips in our motorhome but also love the simpler things like playing in the yard and riding our bicycles. Our favorite games to play as a family are checkers and monopoly. We enjoy each other’s company and just being together no matter what we are doing. We are a solid family with strong values. We laugh, love and enjoy life each day.

Our journey to become parents has been filled with years of infertility medications, various procedures, visiting all natural doctors, specialist and ultimately being part of an infertility study. During those years we lost a child through an ectopic pregnancy, began the adoption process and almost became foster parents for a teenage boy until unfortunate circumstances arose. Those years strengthened our relationship and brought us closer together. I became pregnant nearly five years after we started our journey and the birth of our son Max was one of the greatest days of our lives. We went through three months of infertility treatments when Max was a year old, before deciding to stop treatments and enjoy being a family of three. A year ago we realized that our family was not complete. We tried two months of treatments and stopped midway through the third month. At that time we just knew that God wanted us to grow our family through adoption.

Chris and I talked about having kids before starting our journey to become parents and we both wanted at least two kids. The relationships and bonds we have with our siblings was one of our main reasons. We know in our hearts that adoption is God’s calling for our family and knowing that made this one of the easiest decisions we have ever made. We are blessed to have love and support from our family and friends during this journey. We are very excited and hopeful to grow our family through adoption.



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