Hello! We are Anthony & Suzanne...

We have been married twelve years and we are hoping to adopt.  Five years ago we experienced an amazing blessing in becoming a family of three when we adopted our son.  The gratitude we feel in our hearts that our son’s first mother gave him the gift of life and trusted us to raise him has been a life-changing experience in that we truly felt the presence of God in our lives more so than ever before.  It is out of this experience that we desire to adopt another child and pray that we will have the opportunity to become a family of four.

We met on a blind date arranged by a mutual friend.  We realized quickly that we have a lot in common. Our faith is important to us both and gives us strength and hope.  We discovered that we vacationed at the same beach as kids even though we grew up about 4 hours apart. We go back to the shore as a family and look forward to taking a new beach baby along!   We both had close relationships with our families and had supportive, loving parents. We dated for about eight months before getting engaged and then spent about a year planning our wedding.

We experienced unexplained infertility and a miscarriage prior to adopting our son yet we very much wanted to be parents and to have a child in our family.  We knew that having a biological child was not a priority for us and chose to pursue adoption rather than IVF. Anthony's father and uncle were adopted, and Suzanne has family and friends who were adopted.  So, to us, adoption is a normal way that families are made. We made the right decision because we could not possibly love our son any more -- our hearts would burst! We experienced miscarriages again after we adopted and losing our children will be a lifelong sorrow, but we move forward with trust and gratitude for what we do have here on earth.  We welcome the opportunity have another child and would really love for our son to have a brother or a sister. We anticipate that a second child would complete our family but it is ultimately up to Him.

We can assure you that raising and nurturing your child would be our number one priority.  It would be an honor to be the parents of your little one, and we promise to give him or her the very best of ourselves as parents!  Watching a child grow and develop into an individual and supporting his or her unique interests and talents is the best part of being a parent.  We hope that you sense our love, excitement and sincerity through our words. We wish you the best in your pregnancy, decisions ahead, and the birth of your baby.  We pray that whatever decision you come to will be one that you can make with confidence and peace in your heart now and into your future.

Thank you for reading about us as you make plans for your baby’s future.  Please know if we are chosen to be parents for your baby we will make sure your child knows from the beginning that you chose adoption out of love for him or her and you will always hold a special place dear to our hearts.