Hello! We are Anthony & Suzanne...

We have been married thirteen years and we are hoping to adopt.  Our lives have been blessed and our desire to be parents fulfilled through the adoption of our amazing son who is now six years old.  We are praying for the opportunity to be parents to a second child and become a family of four. We are all excited to share our lives and home with another child!

We experienced unexplained infertility and a miscarriage prior to adopting our son yet we very much wanted to be parents and to have a child in our family.  Losing our children through miscarriage will be a lifelong sorrow but we move forward with trust and gratitude for what we do have here on earth. We knew that having a biological child was not a priority for us and chose to pursue adoption rather than IVF. We both had such positive experiences with adoption through our family and friends.  Anthony's father and uncle were adopted and I, Suzanne, have family and friends who were adopted. To us, adoption is a normal way that families are made. We made the right decision because we could not possibly love our son anymore -- our hearts would burst! We are content as a family of three but feel that a second child would complete our family and our son would really love to have a brother or a sister. He will make a great big brother!