We are excited to start this new journey in our lives…

We have been considering adoption for the last few years and as of the summer of 2018 we have made the decision to move forward after much discernment and reflection. We have been together for the last twelve years, and we have always known that we wanted to start a family of our very own. For years, we have tried to conceive naturally and have been unsuccessful. Praise God that after many doctors visits there is no medical reason to why we haven’t yet had children naturally. We know now, that this is because we were called to adopt first. We are in the process of waiting for God to provide us with our new baby. We are grateful for all our friends and family, for all their support, grace, understanding, and willingness to help us connect with an expectant mother. We ask that you please share our page with your friends and family if you feel called to do so, as we are praying daily for God to connect us with our expectant family.